Families and Transitions

Divorce Coaching, Collaboration and Mediation

Although difficult and painful, sometimes saving a marriage isn’t best for a couple or family and it is during those times that I may be of help to you.  If you are thinking about or pursuing a divorce, you may consider Collaborative Divorce or Mediation, which are alternatives to traditional, litigated divorces.  Both methods seek to preserve dignity and respect for the couple and family.

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

puzzleAs a fully trained Collaborative Divorce Coach and Mediator, I am committed to helping couples resolve conflicts through the use of mediation and collaboration during the challenging time of divorce or separation.

As a Divorce Coach in the Collaborative Divorce process, you can expect that I will help you navigate through the process of divorce by helping all the individuals’ involved and stay focused on moving forward, rather than looking back. If children are involved, I will help you create a parenting plan that works for you and your children. Children are unique and as such, their needs, schedules and developmental phases will be a priority in the process.

The practice of Collaborative Divorce is to settle all of the issues related to your divorce by agreement. In other words, you will be in charge of your divorce as it pertains to you individually and as it pertains to your family. You can expect reduced conflict and assistance in communicating with your partner and the attorneys who represent you both. The Collaborative Team is invested in working together to help reach agreement.

In Divorce Mediation, you agree to negotiate an outcome that will be beneficial to both individuals. You will be guided to reach a resolution in the areas of conflict including parenting plans, custody and parenting access.

Co-Parent Counseling and Parenting Plans

Co-parent counseling is not therapy. The goal is to help you identify key areas of conflict to resolve and to look to the future not the past.

In both co-parent counseling and while developing parenting plans, a watchful eye is always kept on the children. Helping you understand your child’s developmental needs now and in the future will help you make positive, thoughtful decisions about the future. Educating me about your child’s individual needs, wants and desires will help ensure that your own family’s needs are met. I am happy to use my experience to create a parenting plan that is customized specifically to address the best interests of your children.

I provide co-parent counseling to parents who are divorcing or have already divorced. During and after the difficult process of divorce, it is reasonable to expect that there will be some issues that will be challenging to resolve. You may get stuck in old patterns that didn’t work when you were together and may need assistance communicating about challenging topics. I will help you identify how to communicate more effectively and to resolve issues that are of importance to your family.

As children grow and their needs and activities change, parents often find it useful to review their parenting plan and make changes to benefit the children and the family as a whole. You can expect me to help you write a plan that is tailored to your children’s’ individual needs.

By agreement, I am happy to consult and coordinate with individual attorneys.

Guardian Ad Litem

In some cases, when parents are experiencing high conflict during their divorce, a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed by a judge through the Family Division of the Connecticut Superior Courts. I am an experienced Guardian Ad Litem and have been trained by the State of Connecticut. I am appointed to help the court make a determination about what is in the best interest of the children.